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WHMCS CyberSSL module

Our tutorial will explain how to install and activate the WHMCS CyberSSL module

1. Download the archive with the WHMCS CyberSSL module from the following link:

2. Extract the archive to your_WHMCS_directory/modules/servers/cyberssl

3. Do the following steps in order to add a CyberSSL Product to WHMCS:

 Go to your WHMCS Admin Panel
 Setup->Products/Services->Create a New Product
Module Settings
  Choose Module Name - CyberSSL
  Api key can be generated at the following page:

  For a Paid SSL Certificate choose the following option:
   Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received
  For a Trial SSL Certificate choose:
   Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed

  For a Paid SSL Certificate choose the following option:
   Payment Type:Recurring
  For a Trial SSL Certificate choose:
   Payment Type:Free

4. To add the addon domains option for multi-domain Certificates:

 Go to your WHMCS Admin Panel
 1. Setup->Products/Services->Configurable Options->Create a new group.
 2. Add the configurable option with the following name: Addon Domains or SAN.
 3. Add the following values for the created option using the following format:
  No Domains, 1 Domain, 2 Domains, ...
  no domains, 1 domain, 2 domain, ...
  0 domain, 1 domain, 2 domains, ...
  0 san, 1 san, 2 san, ...
  no addon domains, 1 addon domains, 2 addon domains, ...

The maximum number of domains for a multi-domain SSL is 100 for Comodo
  and 25 domains for Symantec/GeoTrust/Thawte.