How to increase customers’ trust for your web store

TRUST is important not only in a human relationship, but between customers and on-line sellers as well. The customers will buy any product from well-known brands, as they are sure that it is a quality merchandise. Any new on-line store has to pass through numerous steps to become famous and with a good reputation while creating an attractive web site, enlarge the number of potential customers and sales revenue. An online business has to work on the both customers and search engine side to build trust. 

The most significant element in a relationship’s trust acquirement is to prove that it is secure. provides some recommendations to make your on-line store an agreeable, friendly and trustworthy web-site.  

  1. According to Google Quality Rather Guidelines*  a web-page should have among other elements an attractive functional design to achieve high quality qualifications and trustworthiness. A web page’s design influences the customers’ decision about making possible purchases on the on-line store. An ineffective or incomprehensible design will not convince a visitor to become an eventual customer. A website with a modern, high-level design will make any visitor to navigate with pleasure and stay longer on the web-site, making an eventual purchase. Every element on the web-page matters: the color, the design as well as the logo. Thus, the carefulness is necessary in a web page’s creation. The products that the store sells influence the aspect of the web-page.  
  2. Contact information and available customer service. . Potential customers love attention. Thus, a well-organized web-page shall include information about the seller such as e-mail, chat, telephone, online consultation or physical address of the storehouse. The customers need to be ensure that in case that he will not reach you online, he can find you by the address. This will show customers that they can trust the seller while they know where is the place he runs his business and they can reach him. Moreover, the seller shall respond promptly at the customer’s answers, emails and requests. The communication’s tools such as chats or e-mail are an important step in confidence building of the relationship between the seller and the customer. Additional information like some employee’s email or social network account will help to increase customers’trust. 
    The web store also shall include the option of the money back guarantee as well as the guarantee policies. 
    Thus, a possible distinct page on the web site with information about the company will help customers to know better whit whom they are doing business. This will include address information as well as company’s services and products.
  3. A well-cared and maintained content. Nowadays, search engines are looking for a good, properly written, individual and maintained web content on the web pages as well as web stores. The relevant keywords related to the products of the store are one of the best ways to a boost traffic that will produce a bigger profit. 
  4. A high quality service provided.  Customers prefer web stores that deliver great and correct services.
  5. Testimonials of other real contented customers displayed on the web page. The others evaluation and opinions value much more than your words telling about yourself. Testimonials have significant impact over the website’s visitors and possible customers, making a good impression about the online store.
  6. Social networking integration.  It is preferable for customers to have the possibility to share their purchase with their friends, especially on the social networks. 
  7. The most important clue, the purchase of an SSL Certificate for the web store. 


An appropriate SSL Certificate will increase considerably the visitors’ trust to become future customers of your web store. Customers do not love the lack of sign of trustworthiness on an e-commercial web site. Nowadays the customers are well informed and they are looking for the green bar as well as for the little padlock to make a purchase being surely about the safety environment on the website. Thus, they can introduce their sensitive data such bank account, card numbers and passwords and be sure that it will be no connection’s interception of bad intended people to steal their personal commercial information.

The security signs make a good influence on the web store’s home page and on the product’s page. The visitors will be impressed of the safety symbols’ presence on the web store. Consequently, this signs will insure customers and first visitors’ that the level of trustworthiness of the website is high and the owner takes care about the secure environment of his customers.

Therefore, all the SSL Certificates that purchases offer a Site Seal that can be placed anywhere on the web store’s page and the customers will continue the navigation as well as make its purchases:

  1. The most appropriate place for the trust indicators in a good viewed place, particularly on a white background;
  2. Place the trust indicators near the action buttons, such as “buy now”, “checkout” or the place where customers introduce login name and passwords as well as financial information. This will make the customers more assured to make the purchase;
  3. The number of the trust signs is not limited on the page; however, their number has to be relevant to the web store and meaningful.
  4. Purchase a real SSL Certificate and do not just copy a wanted Trust Seal. This can make customers to lose the confidence in your web store definitely.

The web site owners concerned about their safety and the safety of their customers shall take into consideration all the steps to provide excellent services and to earn a high level of customers’ trust. Therefore, they can proudly demonstrate their trust and security signs on the web store and visitors will become future customers.


*Google Quality Rather Guidelines -