Fault report: Comodo having problems with ssl signing servers

A potentially critical problem has appeared: Due to a technical fault in the Comodo signing infrastructure, the certificate issuance process may not work.

Apparently, this is a long lasting problem. And in the next 24 hours the certificates may be issued with a long delay.

If you need an SSL certificate as soon as possible we recommend choosing another SSL provider:

Symantec/Verisign - antivirus included. The most recognizable brand

RapidSSL - Fast certificate issuance

Thawte - Oldest certificate authority originated from South Africa

GeoTrust - Reliable SSL provider

Digicert - This CA has the fastest EV SSL validation process

Entrust - Entrust is focused mainly on the highest level of security

If you have any questions, or issues regarding SSL certificate issuance process, contact our support team. We'll be glad to help you.