New York - Cyber Criminals Target Albany County Ahead of Holiday Weekend – Is Your Organization Next?

In a troubling development, Albany County in New York has become the latest victim of a cyberattack, just as residents prepare for the Memorial Day weekend. As officials work diligently to assess the scope of the breach, concerns are mounting over the potential compromise of personal data. However, this incident is not unique, as cybercrime continues to surge, posing a significant threat to organizations across all sectors. From government agencies to private enterprises, no one is immune to the relentless efforts of attackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and cause disruption.

The Evolving Threat Landscape

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy confirmed to Recorded Future News that they are collaborating with the state Division of Homeland Security and the Emergency Services Cyber Incident Response Team to investigate the potential breach in county networks. McCoy stated, "We are currently investigating the possibility of a cybersecurity breach. For those seeking certificates of residency online, they won't be able to do that. They will have to call the Division of Finance. To our knowledge, we are not aware of any data exfiltration."

Despite several follow-up inquiries, the county did not provide additional details regarding the incident's timeline, the nature of the attack (i.e., whether it was a ransomware attack), or the potential involvement of federal law enforcement agencies. The Times Union newspaper first reported the cyberattack, which affects a county with a population exceeding 310,000. The newspaper also highlighted that from 2019 to 2021, the county grappled with ransomware attacks targeting the local airport, a 911 dispatch center, and the city of Albany itself.

The Growing Threat to New York's Critical Infrastructure

Cyberattacks pose a grave threat to America's critical infrastructure, with the potential to severely disrupt our daily lives. These incidents often lead to data breaches for organizations that maintain vast amounts of personally identifiable information. Such breaches expose New Yorkers to privacy invasions, identity theft, and various forms of fraud. Even more alarming are incidents like ransomware attacks or distributed denial of service attacks, which can cripple the systems we depend on for essential services such as water, power, healthcare, and more.

The FBI reported receiving 800,944 cybercrime complaints nationwide in 2022, marking a staggering 168 percent increase since 2016. The estimated losses incurred by victims have also risen dramatically, with $10.3 billion in losses reported in 2022, a sevenfold increase from 2016. In New York, reported incidents grew by 53 percent between 2016 and 2022, with losses skyrocketing from $106.2 million to over $775 million.

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Proactive Measures to Combat the Threat

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The Persistent Threat of Cybercrime

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Government Initiatives and Response

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Gov. Kathy Hochul appointed Colin Ahern, a former company commander at the U.S. Army Cyber Brigade, as the state's inaugural chief cyber officer in June 2022. The state also allocated an additional $35 million to its $61.9 million cybersecurity budget last year.

Despite these efforts, ransomware attackers persist in targeting U.S. county and city governments. The California city of St. Helena and Georgia's Macon-Bibb County are still recovering from incidents that occurred this month. Ransomware expert Brett Callow, who has been monitoring these incidents, reported that at least 45 local governments have been impacted by ransomware this year.

In the wake of a devastating attack on one of the state's wealthiest counties in 2021, the governor has prioritized cybersecurity. Recently, she announced changes to state cybersecurity rules, mandating that regulated entities report ransomware payments and implement additional measures to secure customer data.


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