Extended Validation SSL Certificates

The ideal standards of the online security, users’ confidence and trustworthy business are the gold little padlock in addition to the Green Bar on the web-site. There is no selling assurance without offering trust while speculating with customers’ confidence. Web-site owners use Extended Validation SSL Certificates not only for secrecy and encryption, but they also show end-users and customers that they have a inspected and legal organization’s web-site.

The cybercrimes of the virtual world

The Internet is abounded of numerous bad intended people, like cybercriminals. The level of cybercrimes aggressively raises every year. Cybercriminals pursue different personal data such birth date, ID or assurance numbers, medical and financial records, logins and passwords, to use it all in malicious purposes. In this ocean of threats the major web-site owners concerns are to defend websites from risks and show end-users that they are protected and secure. An insufficiently protected site is an easy target to cybercriminals.

There is an enormous work to be done in this field; however the first step to prevent the creation of a cybercrime heaven beginning with a web-site, is to obtain an appropriate Extended Validation SSL Certificate and protect vulnerable customers’ information on this site.

Easy to prevent while difficult to fix

It is easier to prevent damages caused by a malicious infiltration on the web-site, such as search engines blacklisting, customers’ accusations and complains, damaged reputation and lost customers that will never access the web-site again.  

A good prevention has numerous ways:

  • Making enterprise information back-up, to prevent all stored data lost. In case of an e-commerce business this is a necessity;
  • Updating the enterprise software is another option;
  • Using security software, such as antivirus, spam filters, Internet security;
  • Systematic site scan to identify on time dangerous malicious computer software.

Even if a website owner adhere to these guidelines, it is absolutely necessary to prove his customers that the web-site is trustworthy and their transactions are secured.

The best choice – the Extended Validation SSL Certificate

The appropriate certificate for an e-commerce, an e-banking or an e-government web-site is the Extended Validation SSL Certificate.  This certificate emphasizes visible symbols on a web-site, such as:

  • The green address bar
  • The padlock
  • The Certification Authority that issued the EV SSL Cert (on some browsers)

Green means safe business.

Consumers are usually looking for these security signs as a result of a rigorous verification by Certification Authorities, to be ensured they can do safe on-line transactions, accessing a site.

The Extended Validation SSL Certificates were putted into operation to encourage e-commercial businesses and organizations reliably affirm not only to themselves, but also to customers and to end-users as being trustworthy.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates are issued only to those organizations that pass the following rigorous checking steps of the issuance procedure:

  • Verification of the real organization’s existence, including physical and functional;
  • Verification of the existing organization’s records;
  • Verification of the exclusive using domain right inscribed in the EV Certificate request;
  • Verification of the organization’s issuance authorization of the EV Certificate.

Therefore, the Extended Business Verification requires additional documents to investigate the organization that requests the EV SSL Certificate. Consequently, only justifiable organizations can receive it.

Moreover, all the Certification Authorities follow Guidelines for issuance and management of the Extended Validation and other certificates established by CA/Browser Forum. These guidelines have additionally EV Audit Guidelines that stipulate the principles under which a Certification Authority must be audited before issuing the EV SSL Certificates.  These audits are started over every year to confirm the integrity of the Certification Authority activity. 

In our present information-driven universe it is important to create a comfortable place for end-users and customers. Therefore the investment in an appropriate Extended Validation SSL Certificate is an investment for the brilliant future and prosperity of the business. The leading companies of different activity fields, such as government, education, healthcare, e-commerce, e-banking use these certificates on their web-sites. The web-site owners concerned about their end-users security and their business future will choose, install and gain from a suitable EV SSL Certificate on their web-site.

CyberSSL.com offers advantages for a convenient price

At CyberSSL.com with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate at an advantageous price the purchaser receives the following benefits:

  • It takes for the most part up to 5 days to obtain the certificate;
  • A Site Seal, the Green Bar and the padlock will be displayed on accessing the web-site;
  • This kind of certificate may be purchased for a longer period of time and save up to 14% of the web-site owner’s payment;
  • Increase of the search engines ranking.  Google offers a boost ranking to web-sites using an SSL Certificate.

All is needed is to submit the necessary company documents, the right information about the domain name on WHOIS and a dedicated IP address.

CyberSSL.com proposes to purchase EV SSL Certificates from well known brand names, such as Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust and Comodo. Comodo CA Ltd. and Symantec Corporation are Certification Authorities that are members of the CA/Browser Forum.

CyberSSL.com would firmly recommend web-site owners to purchase an Extended Validation SSL Certificate for the web-site’s credibility, customers’ security and confidence improvement.