Cheap SSL Certificates

If you look for a cheap SSL Certificate, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right one from the ones that we offer. It is important to select the appropriate Certificate for your web-site.

A good reason to buy a cheap SSL Certificates is to save money. Anyway, it does not mean this is the best choice for the web-site.

An e-commerce web-site, or a site that requires users’ trust includes identity authentication. Consequently users have to give sensitive personal information.  In this case, a cheap SSL certificate is not suitable for the web-site.

Most cheap SSL certificates are only Domain Validated. These are the SSL certificates offering the lowest validation level from the Certification Authorities and do not ensure the highest level of security for users. The process of issuance of a Domain Validation SSL certificate from the Certification Authorities is often automated and requires minimum human intervention, if we compare it with Business Validation or Extended Validation SSL Certificates. Domain Validated SSL Certificates are suitable only for web-sites that require encryption, and websites which do not require end-users identity safety and confirmation.

In case of an e-commerce web-site, it is preferable to buy a more suitable SSL certificate, such as an Extended Validation SSL Certificate with Green Bar. It demands a high-priced investment while it gives higher customers trust and protection. In addition, it provides protection against phishing attacks and therefore helping to raise customers’ trust and willingness to spend money, and the owners’ earnings.

The Extended Validation certificates issue process includes extended company’s verifications by the Certification Authorities:

  1. The activity of the company and its legal registration;
  2. The company’s phone number and address;
  3. The presence or the absence of the company in the governmental blacklists;
  4. The organization’s right to use the mentioned in the SSL Extended Validation Certificate domain;
  5. The authorization of the person requesting the SSL EV Certificate.

The EV SSL Certificates provide more benefits than other certificates:

  1. The green address bar
  2. Higher insurance
  3. Web-site protection of phisher cheating and hacking. offers SSL Certificates at different prices; therefore, web-site owners can choose the suitable SSL Certificate for their web-site.  Here is a list of the cheapest  SSL Certificates that will help you find the appropriate SSL Certificate for you:


  1. The Domain Validation SSL Certificate protects one single domain and supports 256-bit encryption with a 2048 encryption key. No documents are required, and the validation process is online. The certificate’s issuance time is up to 5 minutes after the verification of the domain name.  The Certificate’s Seal shows to the end-users that the web-site is protected and it can be displayed in any place of the owner’s web-site. This kind of SSL Certificate is perfectly suitable for non-commercial web-sites or blogs, where there is no need of end-users’ authentication. This certificate may be purchased for a longer period of time and can save up to 12% of the web-site owner’s payment.
  2. You can use the SSL Certificate to secure unlimited associated sub-domains of the same separate domain, when necessary. This will save additional time, money and work. The issuance time of this SSL Certificate is up to 25 minutes, with standard online domain name property verification and without the requirement to provide proof documents.  The cheapest type of SSL certificate offered by is TheComodo Positive SSL Wildcard Certificate.

    This SSL Certificate is being given to users with the Certificate’s Static Seal that shows to the web-site customers that the website they are visiting is a secured site. This seal can be added anywhere on the web-site. It is necessary to have the right information about the domain name on WHOIS. In addition, a dedicated IP address for every associated sub-domain of the initial domain is needed. This will save up to 16% of SSL Certificates’ payment in case of its acquisition for a period of time longer than a year.
  3. You do not have to provide any documents if you purchase the Comodo PositiveSSL Multi Domain Certificate. The online validation process passes quickly and consists of standard domain validation. It provides unlimited Server Licensing that allows you to install the SSL Certificate on multiple physical servers. The Certificate’s Seal placed on the web-site shows to the customers that the web-site is protected. It comes for 3 domains by default (1 CN + 2 SANs).  The web-site owner can secure up to 100 domains in a single Certificate using this SSL Certificate.

    This SSL Multi Domain Certificate is perfectly suitable for companies with a high customers’ confidence gained during many years of online presence.
  4. The Comodo InstantSSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL certificate that comes with a Business Validation. It also comes with domain verification and some degree of organization examination. There are some Company documents required in order to receive this certificate. Moreover, the web-site owner needs the right information about the domain name on WHOIS and a dedicated IP address.

    The issuance time is up to 5 days. This SSL Certificate is received with the Certificate’s Static Seal that speaks to the web-site customers that the website is a secured site. The seal can be added anywhere on the web-site. If you can buy this SSL certificate and hold it for a longer period of time, then this SSL certificate will save up to 14% of the web-site owner’s payment.
  5. The Comodo EV Trial SSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL EV Certificate offered by This Certificate offers a fancy browser interface improvement, which is the Green Bar. You need to submit some Company documents in order to get this certificate. More than that, the web-site owner needs the right information about the domain name on WHOIS and a dedicated IP address.

     It takes up to 5 days for the issuance of this SSL Certificate and it is being given with a free dynamic Site Seal which shows web-site customers that the website is secured. The seal can be added anywhere on the web-site. In addition, the Green Bar displayed on the web-site will raise the customers’ confidence when accessing your web-site and when making business on it.


There is no need to wait until some of your competitors have the right SSL Certificate and acquire one from us. offers a large diversity of SSL Certificates. It is not difficult to choose the appropriate SSL Certificate from the list of certificates that we offer. It is important to take into account the specific field of the organization’s web-site.  The right SSL Certificate raises web-site customers’ satisfaction and trust.