September, 11 2017

Browser Security: Chrome may warn against MITM software in the future

The Internet browser Chrome is intended to better recognize and warn of Man-In-The-Middle attacks in the future.

The Internet browser Chrome is going to automatically detect (threatening) man-in-the-middle attacks from version 63 and warn users if malicious software is installed. The feature, which is only available as an option in the Chrome development strand Canary, should not only warn against a compromise of the secure connection but also display the responsible application.

This is relevant to the extent that even legitimate programs sometimes endanger the security through some well-meant interventions in encrypted connections. The new feature is likely to sensitize users, especially for such interventions in the SSL configuration, whereby the connection can be used by experienced (experienced) users.

To see the feature today, launch Chrome Canary with the flag --enable-features=MITMSoftwareInterstitial and go to