Bitcoin Crypto-currency accepted at

Bitcoin (BTC) Crypto-currency accepted at

We are one of the few Security companies that decided to accept Bitcoins or BTC for SSL certificates to support digital liberty.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is the most popular experimental digital currency that provides a high level of anonymity.  This currency allows anonymous transactions on the internet and it's impossible to find out who is either the receiver or the sender of the payment that has been processed. At this moment exist about 10 million bitcoins (btc)  which worth over 200 000 million US dollars and nobody knows who are the owners.

What personal details are required for a bitcoin money transfer?

In the traditional money processing system, personal details such as name, phone number are necessary and shall be presented. Fort the bitcoin transfer, none of these details are needed. The only information available for the public will be the transfer ID and the amount transferred.

Places to keep Bitcoins?

As traditional money are kept in a wallet or in a bank, Bitcoins can be kept in a digital wallet on the computer, a portable device or a specialized website. Each Bitcoins owner can have a plenty of wallets and bitcoin addresses. The perfect solution is to have at least two wallets: first, named hot wallet, can be accessed from any place in the world, being connected to the Internet, and the second, the cold wallet remains offline. Also,  it's very important to make backups of your wallets and keep them safe.

What is a bitcoin address?

A bitcoin receiving address is used to transfer the digital money from one member to another in the bitcoin peer-to-peer network.  The Bitcoin address can be shared, but only the owner can see the content of the wallet and access the received Bitcoins.

What future is expected for Bitcoins?

Bitcoins with their pros and cons are used for the anonymity they guarantee especially by people concerned about their privacy. Moreover, experts in security predict a brilliant future for this currency.

What can be purchased with Bitcoins?

A bitcoins owner can purchase goods, donate them to non-profit organizations or send them to someone else.  

Also, bitcoins can be used for purchasing an SSL Certificate to ensure high level of security and google ranking for your web-site.

How accepts Bitcoins?

To purchase a suitable SSL Certificate for your web-site from using Bitcoins (BTC) you need:

  1. To choose the Bitcoin Payment Method during the payment process.
  2. To send a specified amount of BTC to a temporarry Bitcoin address.
  3. After the required amount has been sent,  transaction is completed and you can proceed to SSL activation process.

The fact that Bitcoin payment system eliminate the third-parties participation, ensures the high security level of the bitcoin transaction. During the payment process, you are transferring bitcoins on your own, after which the transaction is closed automatically.

As we live in the time of continues IT development in all fields of our life, security and privacy are the most significant elements. Therefore Bitcoin and SSL Certificate provide safety and security.

You can choose a suitable SSL Certificate for your web-site from