What is a Codesigning Certificate?

Code Signing Certificate removes the warning messages for your applications by adding a level of protection to your code. With the digital signing, your customers are confident that your software is genuine and safe.

What are Code Signing Certificates?

CodeSigning Certificate is used to enable digital signature for your applications to ensure that the customer gets authentic software with a verified identity and that the program hasn't been changed or corrupted. It eliminates warning messages and shows your identity during program install, showing your customers that your code can be trusted and your company is trustworthy.

What happens when customers install your software?

Code Signing Certificate in action. Users feel safe to proceed. Verified Publisher. No messages. Your program
Unsigned, Self-signed or an obscure CA. Unlikely to proceed. "Unknown Publisher"

Users downloading software signed with a CyberSSL Codesigning Certificate can be confident that the code comes from a verified identity, and such software brand is trustworthy. Adding a digital signature to your software, adds an additional layer of protection for customers. Caution messages would appear or the install could break if the code has been changed by hackers or any malware program.

CyberSSL CodeSigning


Protect Your Customers

By using a digital certificate for your application, you protect your customers from various malicious software that could modify your code. Customers are not likely to proceed with the software install if a warning message about unknown publisher would appear.

Customers are not protected

It becomes easy to modify your installation files for hackers or verious malicious software. If no certificate used, customers are not protected.

Increase Adoption

Customers are more likely to proceed with the software install if the code is protected and digitally signed by a codesigning certificate. The installation process would be smooth without warning messages.

Warning Messages

When installing your software, users will see plenty of warning messages that your code might be modified by hackers and that your program comes from an unknown publisher which can't be trusted.

Improve you reputation

The fact that you case about your customers and partners by using using a digital signature for your code, improve your reputation as a software provider.

Untrustworthy vendor

Leaving your code usigned, may harm your reputation. Your programs can't be trusted if they come from an anonymous source or can be modified by verious malicous prorams.