How it works?

Code Signing Certificate removes the warning messages for your applications by adding a level of protection to your code. With the digital signing, your customers are confident that your software is genuine and safe.

How Code Signing Works

Developers and software vendors add digital signatures to various files in their applications such as 32bit and 64bit executable files, libraries, macros, scripts and applets. Operating systems have digital mechanisms to identitfy the trusted signature, confirm the code's integrity and show the publisher's identity to the end-user.


Original Code
Buy codesigning cert Generate Hash and encrypt it using the private key
Company Verification Bundling the hash and certificate with the executable
Signed Code


Signed Code
Decrypting the hash using the public key in the certificate Comparing the new hash with the hash that was signed by the certificate
Creating a new hash of the downloaded application
Hash is Compared to Verify Authenticity