SSL Certificate as ranking signal for Google

Making the Internet a secure world has become a priority for all.

Google announced that having an SSL certificate on the web site would improve your site ranking. Search Engines companies are encouraging to use HTTPS on the websites, taking this as a significant ranking signal for indexing the web pages. It is not a part of a ranking algorithm; it is a self-ruling signal, independent from other search engines signals.

It does not matter whether your site is a blog or e-commerce; you will only have benefits from an SSL Certificate:

1. SSL will make sure that users are accessing the correct site and nobody will change the site contents by the man-in-the-middle attack.

2. SSL will not only encrypt your data, furthermore it will check the integrity of the data making sure the  users will get the correct genuine information.

3. Users will more likely stay on your site after seeing the small green lock icon.

4. SSL will increase your customers/users trust.

An SSLis absolutely necessary for those who collect the sensitive visitors data on their website, such as login names and passwords, email addresses and bankcards numbers, because SSL protect the data from being captured by the hackers.

Moreover, there is an clear advantage for all the sites to have an SSL certificate on the website. It gives a strong boost in ranking, relevance and indexing.

This does not necessarily mean that your site will get the first place in the results of the search engines after  buying an SSL certificate, however an SSL will give your website a little boost in search engines ranking and your web-site rank will increase more over time.

The fact that now SSL/TLS is a standart for every site indicates that security and quality of data transmission on the Internet are moving to the higher level. gives some tips to make better site transition from HTTP to HTTPS. You can read this in our new article about HTTP to HTTPS site transition.

 The Google applies the new ranking signal on a page-by-page basis, therefore it is essential for you to enable and use the SSL Certificate on every page of your website.

Use a 2048-bit certificate. Google requires that all the certificates to have a 2048-bit private key. All certificates meet this requirement.

In addition, you will have to check your web site scripts to avoid hard-coded links, use relative URL.

Choose now the appropriate SSL Certificate for your web site on for your blog, helpdesk, commercial or knowledgebase site.

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