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Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard


Thawte 123 Wildcard SSL is a very cost-effective SSL solution.

Thawte is a well known SSL certificate authority. It originates from South Africa, and it dates from 1995, which makes it one of the first Certificate Authorities.

Its Root CA Certificate is included in almost all web-browsers.

Site Seal:
  • Green Icon in the Web Browser
  • Installation on your hosting/server*
  • SSL Boosts Your Google Ranking
  • End-user warranty:$500,000
  • Secures:secures all subdomains
  • Server licensing:unlimited
  • Supported web-browsers:99.9%
  • Secures both with/without 'www.':Yes
  • Verification:secures all subdomains
  • Documents:No documents required
  • Issue time:1-15 minutes**
  • Key encryption: RSA 4096bit
  • Hash function:SHA2: SHA256
  • Certificate encryption:Up to 256-bit
  • Recommended retail price:$149.00
  • Trust level:
  • Site seal type:Dynamic
Best Offer
$ 50
per year
DurationPriceyou Save
1 year$199/y0%
2 years$189.5/y5%
3 years$166.33/y16%

Thawte 123 Wildcard SSL has a $500k end-user warranty, and it has the same browser support and reliability as Verisign.


* Our Team will install the certificate on your webhosting/server that supports third-party SSLs.
SSL configuration for your website to work properly with SSL costs $50
Installation on the hosting/web service that doesn't support SSL costs $99 per year.

** In some cases, the SSL issuance process requires an additional 72 hours for manual data verification.