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Digicert EV Multi-Domain Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) certificates use the highest level of authentication and were specifically created to boost and maintain customer confidence in e-commerce.

This EV SSL can be obtained within 24 hours. Our support team will help to pass the extended validation process within 24 hours.

Site Seal:
  • Verified Company Details in the certificate
  • Installation on your hosting/server*
  • SSL Boosts Your Google Ranking
  • Additional domain price:$166.33
  • End-user warranty:$1,000,000
  • Secures:secures multiple domain names
  • Server licensing:unlimited
  • Supported web-browsers:99.9%
  • Secures both with/without 'www.':No
  • Verification:secures multiple domain names
  • Documents:registered company required
  • Issue time:1-30 days**
  • Key encryption: RSA 4096bit
  • Hash function:SHA2: SHA256
  • Certificate encryption:Up to 256-bit
  • Recommended retail price:$595.00
  • Trust level:
  • Site seal type:Dynamic
Best Offer
$ 50
per year
DurationPriceyou Save
1 year$575/y0%
2 years$499.5/y13%
3 years$479.67/y17%
* Our Team will install the certificate on your webhosting/server that supports third-party SSLs.
SSL configuration for your website to work properly with SSL costs $50
Installation on the hosting/web service that doesn't support SSL costs $99 per year.

** In some cases, the SSL issuance process requires an additional 72 hours for manual data verification.