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Comodo Trial SSL

Comodo Trial SSL is a FREE certificate that is issued for a period of 30 days.It can be used for testing the efficiency of a standard Comodo SSL certificate, before making a purchase. The website owner will receive the certificate in less than 5 minutes, and there are no documents required for its issuance.

Comodo Trial SSL Certificate is valid for one single domain, including its www version. It comes with a 99,3% browser and mobile devices compatibility. It offers a Static Security Seal which informs your customers that your website is secured by a trusted SSL Certificate Authority.

Site Seal:
  • Green Icon in the Web Browser
  • Installation on your hosting/server*
  • SSL Boosts Your Google Ranking
  • End-user warranty:$250,000
  • Secures:secures one domain name
  • Server licensing:unlimited
  • Supported web-browsers:99.5%
  • Secures both with/without 'www.':Yes
  • Verification:secures one domain name
  • Documents:No documents required
  • Issue time:1-15 minutes**
  • Key encryption: RSA 4096, ECC 384
  • Hash function:SHA2: SHA256
  • Certificate encryption:Up to 256-bit
  • Recommended retail price:$0.00
  • Trust level:
  • Site seal type:Static
Best Offer
$ 50
per year
DurationPriceyou Save
30 days$0.00/y100%

About Comodo Trial SSL Certificate

This certificate is a FREE SSL certificate that can be used for testing purposes, as well as a temporary SSL certificate while your main SSL certificates are in the validation process. It offers up to 256bit protection, a Comodo Site Seal, and RSA/ECC keys, which means your website will be secured.

This FREE SSL certificate can be used also for the projects being in development, so you don't have to spend money on paid certificates.No documents are required for this type of certificates, which makes it a great choice for those who want a fast and simple solution to protect their website.

Your Comodo® Trial SSL Certificate is licensed for an unlimited number of physical servers, and both and are secured, which is very convenient considering many Certificate Authorities issue certificates for a limited number of servers, and require a separate SSL for www version of the website.

For example, if we receive an order for, both and will be backed up and included as values in the SAN fields of the issued SSL certificate.


Comodo Trial vs Rapid SSL Trial 

While offering similar security options, RapidSSL is a more reliable brand; however, it offers only 30 days of Trial Usage. Both certificates are issued within minutes. The other important difference is that Comodo supports Http, DNS, and https validation, while RapidSSL Trial supports only Email validation. That means in certain scenarios only Comodo certificate can be used.  Also, Comodo supports the following private keys RSA 2048, ECC 256, ECC 384, while other brands are limited to RSA 2048 and RSA 4096.


Why using Comodo Trial SSL With CyberSSL

CyberSSL offers premium support to any customers that bought or use our SSL certificates. Comodo Trial SSL certificate is no exception. We do offer Free installation service as well as FREE validation support. If we do have special requirements, we could charge an additional fee for our work. Our easy SSL management portal is another advantage for using CyberSSL as your main SSL certificate provider. We do offer easy to use interface for generating the private key, CSR code and downloading the finally received certificate.


Platforms Supported

We do support different Operating Systems as well as different web server software. Some of the operating systems supported are Linux, Windows Server, Unix, MacOS. Our SSL certificates can be used on different devices as well such as routers, NAS cloud stations, and smart switches.We have customers who successfully installed our SSL certificates to Microsoft Azure. Our platform provides all the necessary files you may need to install the SSL certificates to your required platform. If such files are not provided, we'll be glad to assist you.


* Our Team will install the certificate on your webhosting/server that supports third-party SSLs.
SSL configuration for your website to work properly with SSL costs $50
Installation on the hosting/web service that doesn't support SSL costs $99 per year.

** In some cases, the SSL issuance process requires an additional 72 hours for manual data verification.