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Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate

Comodo PositiveSSL is an affordable SSL certificate offered by CyberSSL that provides essential security features for websites. While it may be the cheapest option available on CyberSSL, it still offers robust protection for data transmitted between users and website owners using the HTTPS protocol.

We do recommend Sectigo PositiveSSL is an excellent choice for blogs, small businesses, and websites that require a basic level of security. By encrypting sensitive information such as login credentials, personal details, and payment information, Comodo PositiveSSL helps protect both website owners and their visitors from potential data breaches and cyber threats.

Site Seal:
  • Secure lock in the Web Browser
  • Installation on your hosting/server*
  • SSL Boosts Your Google Ranking
  • End-user warranty: $10,000
  • Secures: secures one domain name
  • Server licensing: unlimited
  • Supported web-browsers: 99.5%
  • Secures both with/without 'www.': Yes
  • Verification: secures one domain name
  • Documents: No documents required
  • Issue time:1-15 minutes**
  • Key encryption: RSA 4096, ECC 384
  • Hash function: SHA2: SHA256
  • Certificate encryption: Up to 256-bit
  • Recommended retail price: $49.00
  • Trust level:
  • Site seal type: Static
Best Offer
$ 50
per year
Duration Price you Save
1 year $9.99/y 0%
2 years $8.5/y 15%
3 years $7.33/y 27%
4 years $6.25/y 37%
5 years $5.9/y 41%

What is Comodo PositiveSSL certificate?

At CyberSSL, we're excited to introduce you to Sectigo PositiveSSL, formerly known as Comodo PositiveSSL before Sectigo's acquisition of Comodo CA. This budget-friendly SSL certificate is the ultimate solution for small website and blog owners looking to secure their online presence without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.  With Sectigo PositiveSSL, you can protect your users' sensitive information, such as login credentials, personal details, and financial transactions, from hackers and cybercriminals. By encrypting the data transmitted between your website and your users' browsers, Sectigo PositiveSSL helps build trust and credibility with your audience.

What are the validation options for Sectigo PositiveSSL?

Although this certificate is inexpensive, it still has plenty of validation options. Before issuing the SSL certificate, the domain ownerships must be confirmed. In some cases, a manual validation must be done to check the contents of the website and avoid phishing website. Usually, only domain ownership verification is required. To verify if the domain belongs to the customer, there are different options:

  1. DNS: A unique CNAME record must be added, in order to pass DNS validation
  2. HTTP/HTTPS: You will receive a unique file that must be placed on your server.
  3. EMAIL: An email will be sent to one of the email address from WHOIS database, or to the following:,,,

How much does Sectigo PositiveSSL cost?

We offer Sectigo PositiveSSL at an unbeatable price of just $5.9 per year. To make your life easier and save you time, we recommend securing your site for three years in one go. This way, you can avoid the hassle of annual SSL renewal.

Why buying Sectigo PositiveSSL With CyberSSL?

CyberSSL offers other services along with the PositiveSSL certificates.We do offer premium support for each PositiveSSL purchased. A free installation is offered if the hosting supports third-party SSLs. In case your hosting/server doesn't support third-party SSL we do offer a special service called SSLAnyWhere, which allows SSL to be installed on unsupported hosting services. CyberSSL also offers an easy way to manage your Certificates via API or specialized SSL management interface.

PositiveSSL is supported to be used with Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft Azure

PositiveSSL can be used on a variety of platforms such as routes, Windows Servers, Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu. To be used with Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft Azure, a PFX file will be supplied which includes the private key, or a CER if the CSR/Private key pair was generated on the server. If you have any difficulties installing this SSL certificate, you may contact our support team at

PositiveSSL vs Thawte SSL 123

While PositiveSSL is the cheapest certificate, on the market, Thawte is a more reliable brand. It has almost 100% browser recognition as it's the oldest Certificate Authority started in 1995. Also, Thawte offers better support for Thawte SSL 123. PositiveSSL should be used for small websites, which doesn't require consistent uptime. Thawte SSL 123 can be used for e-commerce or business website, as it is a product by Thawte(owned by Symantec) which is an authoritative, safe and trustworthy brand.


* Our Team will install the certificate on your webhosting/server that supports third-party SSLs.
SSL configuration for your website to work properly with SSL costs $50
Installation on the hosting/web service that doesn't support SSL costs $99 per year.

** In some cases, the SSL issuance process requires an additional 72 hours for manual data verification.