Comodo Code Signing

Comodo is a well known brand which provides inexpensive codesigning certificates for both companies and individuals. Being a low-cost provider, Comodo supports digitally-signed 32-bit and 64-bit programs on different platforms.

This codesigning certificate supports the following platforms:

microsoft windowsjavaadobeapple mac iosoffice
  • Trust level:
  • Secures:Your Application
  • Supported platformsApple, Microsoft, Java, Office
  • Verification:Business Verification
  • Documents:Documents Required
  • Issue time:7 days**
  • Hash function:SHA2: SHA256
  • Certificate encryption:Up to 256-bit
  • Recommended retail price:$429.00
Best Offer
per year
  • Fast CodeSigning Activation
  • No more security warnings
  • Increase software downloads
DurationPriceyou Save
1 year$399/y0%
2 years$299.5/y25%
3 years$250/y37%